Traditional vs. Contemporary: Diwali Outfit Showdown
Published Tue Oct 17 2023

Happy (almost) Diwali! Since the festival of lights and the time for celebration is upon us, it’s also time to get those fabulous fashion orders in so you’re ready to shine. Diwali brings a unique opportunity to juxtapose traditional elegance with modern style, creating vibrant fashion fusion. Let's explore your options for this season by looking at the clash of these two worlds.

The Anika Saree Set from AAPRO; modern pattern with a traditional structure, for when you can't decide. $267 USD

The Elegance of Tradition

Traditional Diwali outfits are steeped in history, culture, and timeless grace. Traditional Indian attire like sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, and sherwanis are a staple during this festive occasion. The rich fabrics, intricate embroideries, and classic designs make these outfits stand out, portraying a sense of cultural heritage and refinement.

Style Tips

Choose a silk saree with intricate zari work for a traditional and graceful look.

Opt for a beautifully embroidered Anarkali suit for a touch of regal elegance.

Consider wearing a well-fitted sherwani with traditional embellishments for a dapper appearance.

LBD, but make it saree. The Mahima Mahajan from Mehtab. $705 USD

The Modern Twist

Contemporary fashion has been making its mark in the world of Diwali attire. Fusion wear, Indo-western silhouettes, and minimalistic designs are gaining popularity among the younger generation. These styles blend traditional elements with modern cuts, fabrics, and designs, offering a fresh and chic alternative.

Texture! Fusion finds fringe fabulous with Style Mati's Off-White Fringe Saree. $181 USD

Style Tips

Experiment with a fusion look by pairing a crop top with a high-waisted lehenga skirt.

Opt for a modern kurta paired with cigarette pants and statement accessories for a trendy appeal.

Try a contemporary dhoti-style saree for a mix of traditional and modern aesthetics.

The asymmetric hem, or 'cold shoulder,' of Rishi and Vibhuti's Maze Tassle Trim Set blends just the right amount of modern with a traditional Diwali look. $296 USD

The Perfect Blend

The beauty lies in the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary fashion. Mixing traditional jewelry with a modern outfit or donning a traditional outfit with contemporary accessories can create a unique and stunning Diwali look. Embrace the fusion, and let your creativity shine this festive season!

The Ooty Saree from Advait India mixes traditional structure with a bold, show-stopping pattern with intrictae details not usually seen. $289 USD

Play with colors that resonate with the festival, such as deep reds, vibrant blues, and golden hues.

Experiment with different textures and fabrics to add depth and visual interest to your outfit.

Choose accessories that complement your attire, be it traditional jhumkas or modern statement earrings.

This Diwali, celebrate the festival of lights by embracing the beautiful collision of tradition and modernity in your fashion choices. Whether you choose to go all out traditional or opt for a contemporary twist, the most important thing is to wear your confidence and joy, for that is the essence of true style