Shop PANTONE's Colour of the Year 2024
Published Thu Nov 09 2023

Today, we embark on a chromatic journey that's as bold as it is vivacious – the Pantone Color of the Year: Orange. Buckle up for an orange odyssey, as we dive into the tantalizing world of this spirited hue. We look back at orange's role in fashion, colorology, and all while we shop at THE LNK!

Orange is adventurous enough, but layer in textures and fantastic prints for extra 'outgoingness'! Try July Issue's Jane Bandeau and Long Skirt. $325 USD.

The Colorology of Orange: A Symphony of Senses

Orange, a color that transcends mere aesthetics, is a symphony of emotions and energies. In the world of colorology, orange is the amalgamation of red's fiery passion and yellow's radiant warmth.

It's the hue that speaks to our inner adventurers, urging us to embrace the zest for life and channel our creativity into the everyday.

Oh the places you'll wear it! Mini Sondhi's Orange Linen Oversize Co-Ord Set. $289 USD

Radiant Rebellion: Orange in Fashion

At THE LNK, we celebrate the unconventional, the extraordinary, and the unapologetically bold. Orange, in all its radiant rebellion, embodies just that.

It's a hue that refuses to be confined to the background, demanding attention and stealing the spotlight.

We love the daring versatility of Dash & Dot's Abstract Pleated Maxi. $72 USD.

From Citrus Burst to Terracotta Dreams

The versatility of orange extends far beyond its association with citrus fruits. In our marketplace, you'll discover a spectrum of shades – from the energetic burst of mandarin to the earthy embrace of terracotta.

Dive into the citrusy realms for a playful and youthful vibe or ground yourself in the warmth of terracotta for a touch of sophistication.

Kavan Long Dress from The IASO. $325 USD.

Whatever your mood, whatever your style, there's an orange waiting to resonate with you.

Even when subdued in a beautiful rust, orange still stands out. Style Mati's Mati New Praci Rust Dress. $124 USD.

Unearth the Unseen: Indie Brands Crafting in Orange

THE LNK is proud to be a platform that unveils hidden gems, and our orange collection is no exception. From emerging designers experimenting with avant-garde silhouettes to seasoned artisans infusing traditional crafts with a modern twist, each piece is a testament to the unbridled creativity flourishing in the indie fashion scene.

So, fellow fashion voyagers, embrace the vibrant warmth of orange and let it infuse your wardrobe with a playful yet sophisticated energy. Dive into THE LNK, where every piece tells a unique story and where the color of the year is not just a trend but a lifestyle ✌️