Let's get you out of the cold!
Who's got a luxurious, warm holiday on their shopping list?
Published Wed Dec 06 2023

We know the holidays aren't even close to over, but take a break from shopping for others, pull up a chair and let us inspire your post-holiday, holiday! 🌨️ ⏩ πŸοΈ

This vacation planning season, a few things to consider (besides what you'll wear, of course!)

Give yourself something to look forward to

As the first whispers of winter approach, there's an overwhelming sense of urgency to plan a getaway to warmer climates.

It's not just about avoiding the impending cold; it's about planning a sun-soaked adventure that becomes the antidote to winter boredom and loneliness. From scouting tropical paradises to envisioning lazy days on sandy shores, the joy of planning transforms the anticipation into a brilliant escape, ensuring that when the frost makes getting into your car each morning impossible, you'll be basking in the warmth of a perfectly orchestrated getaway.

🚨 NEW BRAND ALERT 🚨 This set gives you two outfits in one. Go sans jeans, or bottomless (with a bikini, ofc) for the beach OR bikini top and jeans for strolling around town. This set from a recent, exciting brand addition - Saaksha & Kinni, $440 USD.

Vitamin D and your mood

Basking in the glow of tropical sunrays isn't just a beachside fantasyβ€”it's a mental health power move!

Planning that winter escape isn't just about finding the perfect sunscreen; it's your prescription for Vitamin Sea and a mood-boosting remedy to kick those seasonal blues to the curb!

The Midnight Whisper Crop Top from Aroka, made of Tencel, creates a polished and sophisticated look, while the high neck adds refinement. A versatile choice for both formal and casual vacation wear. $117 USD

Consider slow travel for your next adventure

In a world that often spins at an alarming pace, consider slowing down the clock and embracing the art of slow travel for your next holiday adventure.

If you have the means, why not turn your laptop into a passport for remote work and transform a tropical paradise into your temporary office? Beyond the allure of sipping coconut water while answering emails, slow travel offers the added bonus of reducing your environmental footprint, allowing you to savor the beauty of a destination while leaving a lighter mark on the world.

We just have to share one more coord from Shaaska & Kinni, pretty much perfect for any tropical getaway! $418 USD

We have an interview with Shaaksha coming to the blog shortly. Stay tuned for that!

Don't forget to tag us on your trips! See you in the sun besties πŸŒžπŸŒΏπ“ΉπŸ«ΆπŸ»