New Arrivals @ THE LNK
Published Sat Nov 11 2023

At THE LNK, we've been busy sourcing the latest from our outstanding brands and even added a couple new ones. As you know, if you've shopped with us before, THE LNK is dedicated to helping you access the coolest overseas brands - brands you cannot find any where else.

Check out our favorite new additions for fall now!

Alexis Dress in Black by Son of a Noble

Crafted in a rich, deep black hue, this dress is a perfect fusion of classic design and modern aesthetics. Its tailored silhouette and intricate details make it an impeccable choice for any upscale occasion. $246 USD.

Forest Print Full Length Dress by House of Sangai

House of Sangai brings nature to life with their Forest Print Full Length Dress, a stunning ode to the beauty of the wilderness. $64 USD.

The intricate forest print, cascading along the length of the dress, transports you to a serene autumnal realm. It's a captivating piece that celebrates both fashion and nature.

Picasso Cube Face Co-Ord Set by Mini Sondhi

Mini Sondhi's Picasso Cube Face Co-Ord Set is a true masterpiece in contemporary fashion. $433 USD.

Inspired by the artistry of Picasso, this set combines bold geometric patterns and avant-garde design elements. With its edgy yet playful vibe, it's a statement ensemble that demands attention.

Maisy Shacket by The IASO

The Maisy Shacket from The IASO is a fusion of cozy comfort and stylish sophistication.

This collared overshirt blurs the lines between a shirt and a jacket, offering versatility and a relaxed silhouette. Perfect for layering during the brisk fall days - a definite go-to piece. $174 USD.

The Stella Jacket and Pant Set by Shaalate

Shaalate introduces The Stella Jacket and Pant Set, a symbol of sleek and contemporary fashion. Get the set - $159 USD for the jacket and $130 USD for the pants.

With clean lines, but featuring intricate sequin work this set exudes modern elegance with a bit of edge. The tailored fit and attention to detail make it a clear choice for fall weekends out on the town.

We can't wait to see you in the latest from THE LNK. We are always adding new and exciting brands from the world, so check back often and stay chic.