Jewelry #Edit: The Latest @ THE LNK
Published Tue Jan 16 2024

Just dropping by to drop some hot new jewels on ya!

THE LNK has been busy sourcing the very best from our unique indie brands overseas and closing the gap between this stunning jewelry and you! ✨

Nothing but structure and quality here. We love our new brand NO NA MÉ. An award winning minimalistic personal accessories brand for all genders. $41 USD

So what are we seeing in jewelry for 2024?

Jewelry design has taken a bold turn with a fusion of futuristic elements (as see above!) and eco-conscious craftsmanship. Statement pieces featuring sustainable materials like lab-grown diamonds, recycled metals, and ethically sourced gemstones are dominating the scene.

Innovative tech-infused jewelry incorporating augmented reality features or customizable smart wearables is capturing attention, offering both style and functionality in one stunning accessory. Yes, we don't have any on the site yet - but perhaps we are working in it 😉

Equivalence gets a lot of love on our blog. Is there any surprise here? Make sure you check out their whole collection - they are constantly updating. Seen here? The Aqua Swirl Earring in Gold. $61 USD

AND another one. Anthurium necklace in silver. $39 USD

India continues to mesmerize the world and our customers with its vivid palettes, intricate designs, and the perfect fusion of ancient craftsmanship and contemporary chic.

Ohlala. The Pearl Round Ring from The Jewel Closet Store is just $41 USD. Based in Jaipur, India (a growing hub of fashion), these innovators are brand new to THE LNK

Come shop with us and get something *actually* original!

Meet Gaia, a standout neckpiece featuring intricate golden embroidery with joyful expressions of distinctive leather fringe detail. $138 USD from Econock.

We take pride in curating an exquisite collection of jewelry, sourcing from talented artisans and designers worldwide, ensuring that our customers discover unique and stunning pieces that elevate their style for those cherished events. From weddings to that high-pressure business meeting - we demand attention.

Some assembly required on this ring - which makes it truly unique. The "A Thing or Two" Ring from NO NA MÉ. $18 USD

Stop by our jewelry shop as new items are added daily 😉😻