Harvesting winter crops and cultural looks: Time to celebrate Lohri
Published Mon Jan 08 2024


Lohri, a vibrant Punjabi festival celebrated with great excitement in India, has transcended borders, finding its place among the diaspora in North America.

This jubilant occasion, traditionally associated with the harvesting of winter crops, is now cherished as a cultural celebration showcasing exuberant fashion and friendship.

In North America, the commemoration of Lohri has evolved into a stylish affair, blending traditional customs with contemporary fashion statements.

One of the highlights of Lohri celebrations is the colorful attire that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. Women adorn themselves in stunning Phulkari dupattas, intricately embroidered with vibrant threadwork, paired with elegant Anarkalis or chic Indo-Western outfits. Men flaunt their style with colorful turbans, kurta pajamas, and embroidered jackets, exuding a regal charm.

At THE LNK, we celebrate this fusion of heritage and modernity during Lohri festivities.

Lehengas (a long, embroidered skirt worn with a matching blouse and dupatta) are typically worn for the celebration. Women often choose lehengas with vibrant colors and rich fabrics, often adorned with mirror work, sequins, and beads, making them stand out in the festive environment. This set from Saaksha & Kinni is $650 USD.

And it's not just the women embracing modernity. The traditional look of Lohri for men is the Kurta and now bold prints juxtaposed with classic cuts are popping up everywhere.

This abstract print on Line Outline's Embroidered Kurta is bold while keeping with tradition. $181 USD.

Did we mention the food yet?

Not to be outdone by the fashion is the festive feast. One of the stars of the Lohri spread is 'Sarson da Saag' (mustard greens) paired with 'Makki di Roti' (cornbread), a quintessential winter delight that embodies the essence of Punjab. Other favorites include 'Rewri,' 'Gachak,' and 'Peanuts'—sweet treats that symbolize the richness of the harvest season. Additionally, 'Til' (sesame) and 'Gur' (jaggery) hold a special place, often combined to create 'Til-Gur' sweets, which are exchanged as a symbol of goodwill and prosperity during Lohri celebrations.

The flavors of traditional Lohri delicacies not only excite the taste buds but also add to the festive spirit!

Lohri in North America signifies more than a traditional festival; it’s a convergence of fashion and culture.

At The LNK, we take pride in bringing you a platform where tradition meets innovation; helping you celebrate Lohri in style while supporting overseas talent. Thanks for stopping by friends ✨ 🌎🎉