Which payment methods are available?
We currently offer two payment methods:
Credit card
Why is my preferred payment method not available?
We’re sorry if your favourite payment method isn’t possible for your order. There could be one or even a couple of reasons why your preferred payment method isn’t available for your order:
  • Delivery address and billing address do not match.
  • We also take into account the costs of each payment method. In some cases, a certain payment method may involve higher costs, return rates, or risks for us. The adaptation of payment methods helps to reduce returns rates, which is more sustainable and more economical.
  • Please note that our Customer Care team has no way of changing the payment methods offered to you at checkout. To keep your data private, we are also unable to find out exactly why a payment method is not being offered.
    If your favourite payment method is unavailable, we’re sorry in advance. You will still be able to use all of our other services and can select one of our other payment methods, which are all free. We reserve the right to decline a payment method for some orders.